Today was a rough day... My 2 littlest are still sick, and then Brooksie


Today was a rough day – my 2 littlest are still sick, and then Brooksie took a turn the direction I️ was hoping he wouldn’t. So now I’m headed to take them to Utah to stay with Nate for the weekend while I head to Orlando for another Rise Up retreat.

No sleep.

Sick babies.

Big week.

Started feeling really sorry for myself. Little sleep can make that victimhood come out pretty easy for me? …had this big bubbling cry building in me all night. I’ve felt it was possible (sick kids + 2 Rise Up events) Just didn’t know how to do it all. Once I️ made the decision to travel back to Nate, peace hit my soul. (Thank you, honey, for changing your plans for me!)

Then 1 hour later the cry came out but not like expected- I️ randomly opened up some videos I️ hadn’t seen yet of our team. And then it hit me. Gratitude. This is our life, and we created it. We might have sick kids but damnit we get to have them WITH us while we work. We get to change plans last second to make life even easier, even if it includes a plane ride. I get to build the best life WITH the best man in the world. Get to work WITH the most incredible, purpose-driven humans on this earth. Each person we work with came into our lives as a wrapped up gift from God.

Becki. She was the gift of Grace. To know her is to love her. She has taught me, relationships and friendships can be easy. That soulful sisterhood is real and that all my crazy is welcomed. She trusts me and I️ trust her. No doubt we knew each other before this life and I️ feel this overwhelming appreciation that we found each other here. She is a powerful, courageous, force for good and my love for her is something fierce.

If you watch the video you will see why there is so much love for her and why my mood changed so drastically when I watched this.

Choose what makes you happy and DO THAT! When we are living our purpose we are on the fast track to meeting the people we are here to meet.

Thank you to my team for being who you are in our lives and helping me remember ALLLL that we have tonight.

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