6 and a half years ago Nate and I were drowning. He was driving trucks and I was doing whatever I could do from photography to massage. At that time all we could think was ‘how can we buy groceries?’ We didn’t just live paycheck to paycheck, most of the time it was a whole week before we got paid and we had $0 in our bank account. It was a horribly hard time BUT we still had tons of joy in our lives. We were busy loving on our new baby boy and grateful for what we did have.

Today I was re-reading one of my favorite books, The Alchemist on my way home from our Europe trip. In it, it talks about two men, the first a man who always has a dream but is too comfortable in his current life and doesn’t want to make the necessary changes to fulfill it but will talk about that dream the rest of his life. The other man, well he won’t settle. He can’t. The seed of the dream was planted too deep in his heart to ever go back to what was “normal” for him. I so understood the second man because this is how I feel. I remember lying awake at night and Nate and I just playing out the life we wanted to live… (we still do that).

I believe dreams lie within us for a purpose and we wouldn’t be given a desire or a dream we could not fulfill. Being in Europe with our close friends and business partners for a week was just {another} realization of our bigger dreams playing out.

Our Europe trip.
doTERRA’s dedication, actually more like devotion to providing the highest quality and purity of essential oils in the world is not a small job. This week it was unreal to see how we are expanding and evolving as a company. We got to go and see Lavender and Melissa fields we will be harvesting from and also just as exciting we visited doTERRA’s very first (but not last!) own distillery. The need for the rebirth of aromatherapy in Bulgaria is more than a need for this country stricken with so much hardship. They believe this project will make a country-wide ripple effect to their economy. And to stand in those fields (what to me is sacred ground) this week… well my cup runneth over. It was like all the incredible experiences we have had with these miraculous oils came flooding in my mind at once… such a powerfully humbling moment. #sacredground

We are also teaming up with an organization in Bulgaria that takes in Orphan kids that turn 18 and are normally forced to live on the streets. With Social Teahouse they take them in and teach them personal developmental and professional development skills to help them create a future. How cool is that!? We got to visit a tea house that they created for these young people to practice and learn these essential life skills. It was so seriously inspiring.

We then took off to Switzerland. Oh. My. Word. If you have a pair of eyes, you should put Switzerland on your dream board. I could barely catch my breath, the second I would we would turn another corner and BOOM another waterfall. Two words– The Chedi… look it up. Oh and I freakin’ paraglided you guys!! This girl who is terrified of heights?I can’t describe how awesome (and a bit terrifying) it all was. We will be going back FOR SURE! #chocolate #cheese #done

So much fun, so many laughs, and a few tears. I will be adding this adventure to all the others doTERRA has taken us on that make my life so dang unbelievable.

I believe life offers us so much grace and open-ended opportunities. Nate and I didn’t have to suffer back then, we were able to choose something different. We chose to change our mind and our actions and create something different. And now all this entire experience was treated to us, at no cost! Boy am I forever grateful we said yes!