DEAR 2017

DEAR 2017

When I met you, I was so excited to begin an easeful, comfortable journey with you– well you laughed in my face, like month 1. You were not easy at all, but one thing you were, was real. You stretched me beyond what I ever thought possible. You brought up MANY deep-rooted, ugly beliefs and fears that were long overdue to be healed. You had no shame in showing me all my shit. Like, all of it.

You told me my year would be about Health, and boy was it. Health in my body, mind, AND spirit. Crap, that was like a 12-month detox.

I quickly learned the year wasn’t just about Health but also about TRUST as well. I learned to trust and trust hard. Dude, that came with letting go of some things I really loved, and gosh damnit that hurt. But I did trust you, and we came out the other side stronger for it. Fist pump.

And then you threw in some grace.

You took me to China for the first time, the place where I got fully connected to my purpose. You took me to San Francisco, the place where I got the best surprise of my life. And you took me to a 6 day Tony Robbins event, the place where I finally fell in love with me. All of me. The darkest of dark sides too.

You told me that if I wanted what I thought I did, (and I DID!), there was no taking victimhood, blame, or fear where we were going. No, no… this place is where only courage and love life.

You healed my fear of being judged, and you showed me that there is no more hiding, that it was time to stand fully in the light.

Bold, determined, and full of grace.

Thank you 2017, you were a game changer, and I am seriously grateful for you! AND stoked to say goodbye too.??

2018, I feel it in my bones, everything in my life has prepared me for you. I am coming for you baby, let’s do this???