Let’s talk about peeps who deal with “my head hurts so bad, someone help me please” problems. I get the annoying tension throughout the day as well as it can be crazy intense for me, so much so that I have to lock everyone out of my room, turn the lights off and try to sleep it off. I am constantly battling this issue.

With all my studies and working to heal myself, I have found that the root for anyone that deals what head stuff is most commonly from one of these 5 health issues.

Hormonal. (Time of the month always gets me)
Structural. (Aka my neck…and boxing doesn’t help!) Dehydration.
Digestion. (Imbalance and food allergies)
Empath problems.

I USED TO constantly deal with this issue so I wanted to share my protocol with you to help anyone that does as well because it’s a bitch and I want you to have your freedom back!

-Copaiba under the tongue and on the back of the neck
-Frankincense on temples and neck
-Terrazyme (food enzyme to help me break down my food, absorb nutrients and eliminate the rest)
-Daily supplements that include omegas to help balance the hormones and others that help reduce the inflammatory response.
-Magnesium. Because you can never have too much!! Awesome for inflammation, loosening bowels and sleep
-Electrolytes. Get some. Get hydrated. It will change your life!
-Daily meditation to ditch the stress and let go of anything I am carrying for others
-Regular massage + chiro

-Frankincense, Copaiba and Past Tense essential oils layered on my neck and temples
-Epsom salt bath with AromaTouch essential oil -Ice pack on eyes
-An extra dose of Magnesium and Electrolytes -Sometimes I pull my super hippie card and do chakra crystal clearing

I can NOT tell you how much better I am! I went from 5-6 days a week to maybe 3 a month (and I am certain that is either too much boxing or my empath probs. One of two?) I do get the onset often still but I can catch it now! And I am still working on the root of all of this, with food, nutrition, emotional and mindset work. I am obsessed with boxing and it holds me back, so I promise you, I will heal the root. ?I will keep you up to date with my journey. ?

If you struggle AT all, try this protocol out and see how it helps. If you don’t have oils contact me and I’ll hook you up with some. Ain’t nobody got time for head problems?