I am always challenging our doTERRA team to lift the lid and dream bigger. So many times in life we settle, we’re happy with the way things are going for us and we are {comfortable}.

But what if we were daring enough to trade the good for the better?

Where can we ask for more out of our lives?

This was a huge year of transformation for Nate and I. We have grown so much in our relationship and our business  – some crazy self-discovery has been happening over here.

I understand more than ever the limitations we all feel and experience in our life, are only put there by us. Liberation comes when we shed all the fears and limitations and start thinking as if anything were possible.

It’s hard for us to do this though. I think because we think, ‘who am I to have so much when others can’t even buy food or I don’t “need” it, or will others judge me for wanting that?’

The truth is yes. Others will judge us, and the things we are called to do or have might have no logic (even to us).

But our dreams lie within us. The dream has us, we don’t have it.

We were meant to live out what we came here to experience and every dream has a purpose. It requires us to actually allow ourselves to dream again, to lift the lid and let anything go (no judgment).

So how do we manifest our dreams?

First, we have to know WHAT WE WANT. We have to dig deeper into our soul and ask some really powerful questions like, ‘if anything were possible, what do I want to experience in my life?’

Second, we have to stop trying to control everything! Damn, this is hard, I just want to have my hands in everything and make sure it goes the way that I want to go… at all times. (Yes, flexibility is a big ole lesson I’m here to learn). In manifesting the dreams I am living right now, I learned its essential to have clear, strong intentions on what I want but I MUST detach from the outcome, to give the universe room to do its job.

Which brings me to the third step, surrender. Surrendering to me says I trust you, God. It’s saying, ‘this is what I want to create, this is what I want to experience and I trust in this higher power’. It also means to me, thank you. We are trusting soooo deeply that we have gratitude because we know it will all work out.

And last, align. We are co-creators. God wants what we want. The more we realize this, the surer we become of our own divinely planted dreams. We are not alone in this.

When Nate and I set out to sell our dream home in Utah we had no idea where we were going next. We just knew it was time to lift the lid and let go of the good to get to the better. There was a house we really wanted to look at but it was more than what we thought we should spend, but something pushed us to just go “see”. The moment we walked into the home I KNEW. You know that feeling when it’s like the heavens are singing and everything in your body is vibrating. It’s a knowing, rather than a wanting.

We then set out to make it happen and like many of the dreams we all want to see realized in our lives, all kinds of issues and problems started to arise. My head was one of the problems… I kept thinking things like, who am I to have two homes that I love, who am I to spend that much money when I won’t live there year-round….and many more thoughts that popped up for me that eventually they took over and we stopped thinking we would purchase a second home at all.

And then the dream that had me didn’t let me go. After we had changed our minds and had a clear plan moving forward, in the most gracious, gentle, loving way, God showed me this home belonged to us. This dream was not letting go of me. I had a very intense experience and I KNEW this was our home, so I called Nate and within one conversation we were in complete alignment. Today we went under contract with our new dream home in Wyoming.

My mind is at total peace and my heart is burning gratitude.

I believe our souls are on a path of unfolding, we are here to realize just how limitless we all are. It takes a lot of pushing boundaries, a crap ton of faith and trust, and courage to discover the dreams that lay within us and then we have to BELIEVE THEY ARE POSSIBLE.

So what dream has you and isn’t letting go? What dream is ready to be realized? Are you open to see how many miracles can and will unfold to make it happen? I sure am!

Here’s to lifting the lid together,